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Do check your web browser to determine if phishing protection is enabled. This is not fool proof and the browsers only detect phishing websites on a list. Scammers are incredibly smart so don’t rely on browser protection to protect you from phishing.

Do take a second look at websites you click onto. Does it look like the normal, elegant website or is there something “funny” about it? Are there misspelled words on the website? Fraudsters are clever, but not necessarily good spellers.
Do check to see if the web address you are visiting is a “secure” website. There is the usual http:// before the typical website and then there is the secure website, which will be https://. If you click on any bank, such as Wells Fargo, for example, its web address is: and it is secure.

Do pay even closer attention to the address in your web browser. We just clicked on the Chase Bank website and copied its address. Here is the bank’s legitimate internet address: You will note that between the https:// and the first “/” is, the legitimate address of the bank. If you get an email supposedly from Chase and its address is something like this:, it is not the real Chase. Always check what’s between the https:// and the first “/”. Scammers could even get an internet address like chaseaccountstatusupdate and then the address could look something like this: http://www.chaseaccountstatusupdate/chase. This address has nothing to do with the fine bank you do business with. Be careful; its tricky out there!

Do be suspicious of any company or organization, even one that you do business with that asks for personal information in an email or over the phone. In fact, make it your strict policy to never give out information over the internet or the phone unless you initiate the action. If you have a bank account that is overdrawn, you will get a notice in the mail or a call from the bank manager. And if you should get such a notice in the mail, take it to your local branch and have them check. If you get a call from the bank manager, make an appointment to see him or her. Don’t respond with information on the phone.


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