What Does Phishing Mean? It is a Form of Online Identity Theft that Can Destroy Your Credit

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What does phishing mean and how can it hurt your finances and your credit, just at a time when you want to build credit? Phishing is a thief attempting to gain access to your financial information by posing as your financial institution. That is, you get an email from your bank, Bank ABC, that your account is overdrawn and that you will need to click on the supplied link “immediately” and fix the problem.

Once you click the link, they will ask for your account number, password, etc. If you fall for all of this, you will likely become the next victim of phishing. When you get an email like the above-mentioned one, instead of responding to the email, call or visit the branch manager at your bank because there is probably nothing wrong with your account and, besides, they would like a “heads-up” on someone trying to defraud their customers. Maybe they can put a stop to this fraudster.
37 Do’s and Don’ts on Phishing

Here are 37 do’s and don’ts to help you avoid becoming a victim of phishing and identity theft.

Don’t be a willing victim of phishing. Phishing requires that you participate in some way. Most of the time the culprit wants you to click on a link in an email and give them some personal information. Don’t do it. Instead, if you are not a customer of the bank, organization or company that you receive the email from, delete it! If you are a customer, as we said above, call your local branch or call the company or organization directly. Do look up the phone number yourself, NEVER, NEVER call a phone number in a suspect email!

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