How to Change Social Security Number

How to change social security number: The Social Security Administration will allow you to change your Social Security number, but not to evade the consequences of bankruptcy, evade other legal responsibilities or because you lost or had stolen your Social Security card, but there is no indication that it has been misused. Generally, the authorities will allow you to change your SSN in cases of extreme identity theft.

How to get a Social Security card…you need one for a job, open financial accounts, collect benefits and pay your taxes…you need one for most everything you do. If you have lost yours or never had one, you must get one from the Social Security Administration. Here’s how:

To get a new number, you have to appear in person, not do it online.

You have to have documentation to prove your citizenship, you age and to prove that you are who you say you are.

For most areas of the identification process, the Social Security Administration will allow you to use your U.S. passport. However, the authorities will not accept just one form of identification for the whole process. For example, to prove your age, who you are or citizenship, you can use your passport, but you cannot use your passport for all three.

In general, only noncitizens who have permission to work from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can apply for a Social Security number. If you do not have permission to work but need a Social Security number for other purposes, see “If you do not have permission to work” for further information.

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