(9) Where to Get a Credit Score? Paid-for and Free-of-Charge

Where to get a credit score, preferably free-of-charge? Under the law, you are entitled to get a free credit report annually from each of the three big credit reporting companies…Transunion, Equifax and Experian. There is no such law, however, that guarantees that you get a free credit score. You can buy your credit scores from each of the above-mentioned companies. There are also places and ways to get your credit score for free.
Where to Get a Credit Score
The Consumer Financial Protection Agency suggested to banks some time ago that they offer free credit scores to their customers and many of them have complied by offering people their credit score on monthly credit card statements. Some of the banks that are offering free credit scores include: Barclays, Capital One, Chase (to its Slate Cardholders), Citibank, Commerce Bank and others.
With credit scores, the number–ranging form 300 at the low end to 850 at the high end–can be different at each company, depending on what they have on file about you in your credit report. For example, maybe the XYZ Bank has a relationship with one of the three agencies that monitor credit and XYZ Bank reports that you were 45 days late on a credit card payment. Your credit score at that credit reporting agency will probably be lower than at the other two because they have information that the other two do not have. If you need to get your hands on your credit score(s) get all three at once.
You are entitled to a free credit score under the Dodd-Frank Act if you are turned down for a loan. The lender must disclose to you, the would-be borrower, the credit score used to make that lending decision about you.
You can get your credit score from the three companies that monitor credit. At least two of them have a $1 deal and the third seems only to have a $19.95 offer. They include:
Where to Get a Credit Score? Experian
Experian. Experian has an offer that will allow you to get your credit report and FICO credit score for $1, but there is a catch. If you accept this offer you will get a seven-day trial membership to Experian Credit Tracker. If you do not cancel your membership within that seven-day period, you will be billed $21.95 a month for the service. One of the features that the Tracker offers is daily credit monitoring, so if you have been a victim on identity theft, you might well want to have this service ongoing.
Experian asks: why get your credit report and FICO Score direct from Experian and then goes on to answer the question in three parts: there is an Experian hotline at which you can get answers to detailed questions about your credit report and have a detailed “step-by-step walk-through.” Secondly, you can get personalized insight into what could be impacting your credit score and credit risk level. And finally, you can learn the details about items you see reported, including how long they will appear on your Experian credit report. Not bad for $1!
Experian also has the Experian credit Report and FICO Score service available for a cost of $19.95 as do the other two companies.
Where to Get a Credit Score? Transunion
Transunion. Transunion has a similar offer to Experian through which you can get your credit score and credit report for $1 and a 7-day trial to a monthly service for $17.95 per month if you do not cancel before the 7-day trail membership is over. Transunion offers identity theft protection through this service. In all, the company offers six benefits in this service including $1 million in ID Theft protection…nothing to sneeze at in this day of our accounts being hacked into.

Where to Get a Credit Score? Equifax
Equifax. Equifax offers the Equifax Complete Premier Plan at $19.95 a month, starting from when you sign up. Although you cancel at any time, you will not be prorated…you will always pay for the complete month. For this, you get your credit score and credit report. This offer also says that you will get all three credit reports from the different bureaus once a year, but you are already entitled by law to get this free. Through this service, Equifax will also monitor your credit, Social Security number and offers you dedicated ID Theft Assistance and $1 million in ID Theft insurance.
3 in 1 Credit Reports & Scores
3 Bureau Credit Report and FICO Scores —There is a service you can buy to get all three credit bureau reports and FICO Scores for $39.95. You can call 1-877-284-7942 for this service.
Credit Cards Offer Free Credit Score
Dicover Card and many other credit cards now offer some form of free credit score service to their customers. Discover seems to offer “cash rewards” and credit score on the same account, which isn’t bad.

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