Get Out of Debt

(14) Avoid These Mistakes when Struggling with Debt

Sometimes debt can throw you for a loop and cause you to make more mistakes, which worsens the situation you are in. Some of those are:
1. Going without insurance as a way to save money.
2. Fudging tax returns.
3. Making decisions based on fear rather than rational thinking.
4. Failing to create a budget.
5. Failing to implement and use a financial plan.
6. Staying in a low-paying job out of fear.
7. Quitting your job before you have another.
8. Borrowing money from friends and family.
9. Getting behind on payments.
10. Using your credit cards to make payments to other credit cards.
11. Using your credit cards to meet everyday expenses.
12. Not seeking professional help if you are in a panic situation.