Get Out of Debt, Taking a Second Job

Take a 2nd Job to Pay Down Debts; Best Sites to Find Jobs

Taking a second or third job to reduce your debt load sounds completely unappetizing to all of us, but it is something to consider to get your debts down to zero fast and keep them there. Some of the best sites to find jobs, to fit in with your day job, include,,,, and others.

Oftentimes, by taking a second job and cutting all of your controllable costs (and not running up new charges), you can often pay off debt quickly. Once you stop making all of those debt payments, you will have a lot more disposable income and you can quit that second job, but do be careful of future spending and plan it out well. Another option might be to keep that second job and apply all of those funds you were spending on debt and put it into a high yielding savings account to finally begin saving for your future and for retirement.

When you think of second-job options, try to think out of the box. Go to the job sites listed above and perhaps type in “remote” jobs to come up with jobs you can literally do in your spare time from your home. For second jobs, taking on a job you can do at home beats having to travel to a job location after you finish your first job.

If your main job is with numbers or communications, look for remote jobs such as legal proofreading, doing Powerpoint presentations in your spare time or some type of work with Excel. With so much online today, there is certainly a remote job for you. Another option is to look for remote call center jobs. Typically, they don’t pay that much and it can be a pain dealing with the company’s dissatisfied customers, but it could work out. If you need a second job, if it is at all possible, try to get something remote that you can handle out of your apartment or house. Another option is to work close by as a waiter. Don’t laugh off waiter jobs. One highly prominent entrepreneur worth billions started off as a waiter. She often says that if she lost all of her money and had to start over, she would get a waitress job.