Bad Debt

Debt Settlement Is Not an Easy Way to Fix Your Money Problems

Debt settlement, credit card debt settlement “for pennies on the dollar”! We all want to find an easy way out of debt, but taking the debt settlement route with a debt settlement company that you know little or nothing about is literally and figuratively stepping out of the frying pan and into the fire. You hear the ads on television[Read More…]

Q&A: How Long Bankruptcy on Credit Report?

Q: How long bankruptcy on credit? A: How long bankruptcy on credit? Speak with a legal professional before you do anything, but avoid declaring bankruptcy if you can help it because it will haunt you for a long time. Typically on a credit report, which are maintained by three credit reporting agencies, truthful negative credit information can be kept on[Read More…]

How To Pay Off Debt Fast To Boost Credit Score

How to pay off debt fast is integral to build credit. But before you can create a plan on how to pay off debt quickly, you need to fully understand the scope of your debt. Begin by creating a table, similar to the one below in which you will add all of your debt, all of the money you owe[Read More…]

How To Change Social Security Number and Should You?

How to change social security number: The Social Security Administration will allow you to change your Social Security number, but not to evade the consequences of bankruptcy, evade other legal responsibilities or because you lost or had stolen your Social Security card, but there is no indication that it has been misused. Generally, the authorities will allow you to change[Read More…]