Identity Theft

Phishing Means You Need to Frequently Check Your Credit Reports and Accounts

Do report your personal information stolen to the three major credit reporting agencies. If you think that your personal information has been compromised, you need to report this to the three big credit reporting agencies including Equifax (800.525.6285); Experian (888.397.3742)) and Trans Union (800.680.7289). Don’t be fooled if you get an email, supposedly from your bank, saying that your monthly[Read More…]

What Is Phishing Email?

Do watch out for breach of security emails. That is, your bank account has been breached and you need to take immediate action over the internet to fix it. Don’t do it. Call the bank. Scammers love to scare you and panic you into taking foolish steps. Do watch out for emails from software companies claiming to be security software[Read More…]