Get Out of Debt

Use Coupons to Cut Cost of Purchases by 5% to 25% or More

Using business coupons can save you a lot of money on your purchases now and in the future. Although you have bigger fish to fry in developing and running your business than to become a coupon fanatic running to nine different stores for the best buy, with a couple of simple steps, you can take advantage of the big savings out there.

Use this checklist to use business coupons in a time-saving fashion.

Create a WHERE TO BUY list of stores or companies where you want to shop in order to get business coupons from them. A typical list might include Dell and HP for computers and equipment, Staples, Office Depot and Office Max for general office supplies, Best Buy for other technology items, and Walmart and Target for more general items. You may also want to add your favorite online retailers to the mix as well, such as and others.

Keep your list of where to buy relatively small and then get on their promotion email lists, mailing lists and secure any store card that they might offer. Sometimes by merely presenting the store card, you can get dollars off. Sometimes, when you present the store card and the appropriate coupon, you can get a lot more taken off.

Do not buy ANYTHING on impulse anywhere, unless it is a printing cartridge for a report that you must get out later today. Wait at least four days or more for any purchase. Think about it; maybe you don’t need the item at all.

Make a TO BUY list including everything from paper clips to a new computer system to make each shopping trip efficient.

For big ticket items, make another folder to gather information and educate yourself on the features of the system you are thinking of as well as magazine product reviews.

CREATE A SIMPLE COUPON FOLDER of a plain manila envelope or file folder and throw in everything related to business coupons.

LOOK AT your TO BUY list as you are putting material into the folder to jog your memory and make a to-buy and coupon connection.

These simple steps listed above will allow you to save anywhere from 5% to 25% on purchases. When you know you will need to make a big purchase, begin early to find the coupons you need. For example, if you plan to buy a new Dell laptop computer, make sure you are getting the firm’s email promotions because they offer a lot of bargains, some lasting just a short period of time. Of course, you have to know the usual selling price of an item before you know if you are getting the bargain you need.

For example, a store may shout that it is slashing all prices by 25% just for today. That $100 item has been cut to $75. If you are aware of the store’s previous price, you would know that the item has been selling for $75 all along rather than the $100 suggested retail price. They merely raised the price to cut it.

Naturally, you will have other uses for coupons as well such as travel, car rental and hotels. Anytime you are planning a business trip, try to become COUPON AWARE early enough so that you can take advantage of discounts and bargains. You will also want to buy your airline tickets early on to get the best fare.

Whether or not you are a frequent or infrequent traveler, get on the email list of your favorite hotels, car rental firms and airlines. You can keep up on the many bargains being offered and perhaps plan a business trip during periods when you can get the best prices.