Identity Theft, Phishing

What Is Phishing Email?

Do watch out for breach of security emails. That is, your bank account has been breached and you need to take immediate action over the internet to fix it. Don’t do it. Call the bank. Scammers love to scare you and panic you into taking foolish steps.

Do watch out for emails from software companies claiming to be security software offering you a “free trial.” Don’t bite. If you want new security software, go to the Norton site or a site of other prominent security software providers. Further, do not click on internet advertisements for security software.

Do hit the delete key if you are suspicious about an email.

Do be aware of any misspellings in emails. It is a sure give-away. Anyone can make a typo but scammers seem to make a lot of them and it is a dead giveaway. Hit the delete button when you come on misspellings.

Do watch out for emails from companies with addresses like Legit companies do not have addresses like this. Hit the delete button.

Do watch out for scammers pretending to be your bank that are trying to get you to “update” or “verify” your information. For example, Citibank’s internet site is indeed, but if you were to get an email requesting that you update your information at, it is a phony site. Hit the delete button.